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Northlands, Western Australia

(+61) 433 130 237

12 Buckets, located in Perth Western Australia, is an early intervention strengths-based mentoring organisation established as a charity for local children who need extra support in life and learning.

The predominantly volunteer run organisation is committed to innovation and generosity, helping children discover their capacity to give - regardless of background or circumstance.

Donate Your Way


12 Buckets is a registered Australian charity with Deductible Gift Recipient status.  We'll make sure you receive a tax receipt at the conclusion of the financial year.  If you would prefer not to go through PayPal and would rather set up EFT transfers, then simply head to our banking details page.

My One-off General Donation

If you're finding it hard to decide on a specific project or would like to make a general donation towards the overall running of 12 Buckets, then please click the donate button.  We have also described below, how your general donations make a difference to the children and communities we are a part of.


Where Does My Money Go?


  • Sponsor a Student – Change a life from less than $6 per week.

It costs $1,200 for a child to be a part of the 30-week one-to-one mentoring program. Your support can be $25, $50 or $100 per month.  Being involved in changing a child’s life is easier than you think.


  • Mentor a student - Priceless

Our mentors are regular people like you and me.  It’s amazing how you can impact a young child’s life by giving some of your time. If you or your staff have an hour a week then perhaps consider becoming a mentor and positively impacting a young person’s life. You can view a mentoring session to see if it’s for you before deciding.


  • Support our Mentors and Staff - $1000 each term

It is important for our volunteer mentors and staff to have expert training so they have up to date tools when working with students.  We are currently being trained on The Circle of Courage.  Training and support is provided throughout the year and at Mentor Development Evenings. ($1,000 each term x 3 = $3,000)


  • New Books & Games - $150 per 12 Buckets room.

A donation of $150 allows us to buy new books and games for a 12 Buckets room. There are books with wonderful stories and metaphors that can be shared and talked about so a child can get a better understanding of a situation that they could be experiencing. ($150 x 4 = $600 (to cover all schools))


  • Provisions for Student and Mentors - $250 each term for one 12 Buckets room

Students participate in a specific module with their mentor, e.g. cooking. This and other modules come with extra expenses, e.g. ingredients etc.  The module is a core element in the one-to-one mentoring program. We would also like to be able to provide fresh fruit and healthy snacks plus have tea, coffee and milo on hand for mentors and students.


  • Professional Services – $110 per staff member each term

To ensure that our four staff have the opportunity to do a debriefing with professionals each schooling term. ($110 x 4 terms per staff member)


  • Support Big Buckets - $4,000 each term

Big Buckets is a new program created so that we can continue to support students when they are in high school as they face new challenges. Students can stay in Big Buckets through to Year 12 and then be invited back to support younger students. The group meets regularly with the Big Buckets Coordinator.  The above price does not include excursions.


  • Corporate Volunteering

Involve the working team with a busy bee at a school.  This could be in the 12 Buckets room or the school’s vegie patch or an idea we design together.