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12 Buckets, located in Perth Western Australia, is an early intervention strengths-based mentoring organisation established as a charity for local children who need extra support in life and learning.

The predominantly volunteer run organisation is committed to innovation and generosity, helping children discover their capacity to give - regardless of background or circumstance.

Value Your Presence

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Value Your Presence

Travis Fitch

Founder & CEO of 12 Buckets, Travis Fitch, shares some of his recent journey.

2 weeks ago, after 20 years of arhythmic searching, I was able to reconnect with a Deputy Principal of mine from when I was 11.  From all outward appearances, and even by his own admission, it may not have looked like he offered me much at the time - but this particular teacher did give me space to be heard, to have my concerns validated and to be given his kind but no-nonsense advice when required.

30 years on from Mr Glass' investment in me, with heart racing in my chest, I got to thank him and tell him what we were doing at 12 Buckets as a result, in part, of his input.  Hearing the chuckling timbres in his voice instantly shot this 40 year old back to the musty smell of South Perth Primary's ageing corridors with it's creaking floors.  My Deputy's emotion was palpable over the phone as he heard that he was one of the only men I felt I could come to when I was walking through some of my darkest childhood hours.  He never fully realised then, but now he did.

The lesson here for me...  Value your presence.  If you find yourself pouring into the life of someone younger - perhaps as their mentor, Uncle or Aunty figure - the results, as was certainly the case for me, may not be immediate.  Know this, however, the memory of your care today may be their watershed moment in years to come.


"the memory of your care today may be their watershed moment in years to come."


One of the reasons that I am writing this post is because we are in great need of more mentors at 12 Buckets - especially some more good men.  I simply want to make a request of you:

Would you please consider joining us at 12 Buckets as a mentor?

The formula is pretty simple:  1 hour on 1 day of the week during the school term.

You can find out more about what it looks like here. If you want to catch up for a coffee and find out more, feel free to give me a call on 0433 130 237.