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12 Buckets, located in Perth Western Australia, is an early intervention strengths-based mentoring organisation established as a charity for local children who need extra support in life and learning.

The predominantly volunteer run organisation is committed to innovation and generosity, helping children discover their capacity to give - regardless of background or circumstance.

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Sending Children Back to Despair

Melinda Tognini

At 12 Buckets, our hope and vision is to see every child reach his or her potential. Furthermore, we work with a number of children from asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds. We have heard stories of experiences that no child should have to endure, but we have also heard stories of great courage and resilience.

These children have helped to create the idea of 'reverse mentoring', where we learn as much from them as they do from us. Given the opportunity, they will grow up to make valuable contributions to our community.

We, therefore, wish to express our shared dismay over the implications of this week's High Court ruling that off shore detention is legal. The decision will likely to see a group of 160 adults, 37 babies and 54 children returned to Nauru. This is despite reliable reports of the psychological and physical harm caused to those living in off shore detention, particularly children.

Human Rights Law Centre legal advocacy director, Daniel Webb, whose organisation brought the case to court, has responded to the ruling by saying:

The stroke of a pen is all that it would take our Prime Minister of our Immigration Minister to do the decent thing and let these families stay.

At 12 Buckets, we always come from a position of generosity, or encouraging our students to 'pour out to fill up'. As part of that generosity, we have come to agree with the well known meme that 'when you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.'

12 Buckets will soon be putting those words into practice and, quite literally, building a longer table to welcome Syrian refugees into the local school community. Watch this space.

There is one action plan we'd love to encourage friends of 12 Buckets to engage in right away - for now, it looks like legal avenues have been exhausted, and so it is up to us as community members to raise our deep concern. 

Take some action by following the link and Make your Pledge: Get in the Way to #Let Them Stay