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12 Buckets, located in Perth Western Australia, is an early intervention strengths-based mentoring organisation established as a charity for local children who need extra support in life and learning.

The predominantly volunteer run organisation is committed to innovation and generosity, helping children discover their capacity to give - regardless of background or circumstance.

A Massive Fortnight for 12 Buckets

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A Massive Fortnight for 12 Buckets

Melinda Tognini

It's been a huge fortnight at 12 Buckets. Massive in fact. Here's a snapshot of what's been going on.

CYFFA Awards

On Thursday 10 September, CEO Travis Fitch headed off to the Children, Youth & Families Agencies Association (CYFAA) Awards. And we're thrilled to announce that 12 Buckets has been awarded with a CYFAA Commendation Award for Outstanding Leadership.

We're grateful to the Mirrabooka Department of Child Protection and Family Services (CPFS) for nominating us. Receiving this acknowledgement from the Community Services sector provides great encouragement, and confirms we're on the right track in the work we're doing.

 CEO, Travis Fitch (centre) with Caroline Speirs and Roley Bayman (District Director) from Mirrabooka Department of CPFS

 CEO, Travis Fitch (centre) with Caroline Speirs and Roley Bayman (District Director) from Mirrabooka Department of CPFS

Wildcats V 12 Buckets North Balga Rockets

Friday 11 September saw the 12 Buckets North Balga Rockets go head to head with the Perth Wildcats in the culmination of the school's participation in the Inspire Program. 

During the Inspire Program, the Wildcats work with a group of 50 students from a selected school, who each aim to reach a number of goals they set themselves. Two Wildcats players visit the selected school twice a week for four weeks, culminating in a game. In North Balga's case, the school pitted the 12 Buckets North Balga Rockets against the Wildcats. 

When asked about playing against the Wildcats, North Balga Rockets player, Thomas, replied:

I loved playing against them as a team especially as bigger players. My favourite player was Casey Prather because he bounced the ball between his legs and behind his back.

Kyle, who also represented the North Balga Rockets added:

It was a lot of fun getting to know the Wildcats and trying your hardest up against them. My favourite player was Jermaine Beal.

Kyle says he has learned a lot from his involvement with the North Balga Rockets and the Inspire Program: 

It was good working as a team and making friends, and trying to encourage those around you. I’ve grown in confidence and found a sport I enjoy.

Although Kyle will be leaving the 12 Buckets North Balga Rockets when he heads off to high school he hopes to find a team to join, so he can continue to build on the skills he has learned this year.

Thanks go to Naomi Treloar from North Balga Primary and, of course, the Wildcats for investing in our students in this way. The Wildcats may have won by just a few points, but we suspect the score won't be what's remembered about this amazing opportunity.

Gearing up for the big game

Gearing up for the big game

A North Balga Rockets player doing his best to block

A North Balga Rockets player doing his best to block

Giving the Wildcats a run for their money

Giving the Wildcats a run for their money

Strategic Planning

As if that wasn't enough action, CEO Travis Fitch and the 12 Buckets Board met on Monday 14 September for a half day of strategic planning. While we can't reveal too much, Travis is clearly pumped about the exciting plans on the horizon. Stay tuned.

IKEA Makeover for Koondoola

And of course, how can we forget that Wednesday 16 September was the day a group of IKEA staff transformed the Koondoola Primary 12 Buckets room. Their stories of what led them to be involved in this project are deeply moving, and the day proved to be a sensational day of open-hearted generosity and fun.

Check out what Trav had to say after the floor was laid the previous day, Tuesday 15 September:

Take a look at our Facebook page for some of the great updates throughout the day including interviews with some of the IKEA staff who helped transform the room.

When you compare the photos below, you’ll see how incredible it was that the transformation happened in such a short amount of time. The beauty that we are unable to show you is seen in the faces of the children who walked in with wide eyes and the happiest of smiles as they experienced the room for the first time.

Koondoola transformation 2.jpg
Koondoola transformation.jpg

We think you'll agree that the past fortnight has indeed been massive!