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12 Buckets, located in Perth Western Australia, is an early intervention strengths-based mentoring organisation established as a charity for local children who need extra support in life and learning.

The predominantly volunteer run organisation is committed to innovation and generosity, helping children discover their capacity to give - regardless of background or circumstance.

12 Buckets launches The Rockets

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12 Buckets launches The Rockets

Travis Fitch

On Wednesday, 22 April we were thrilled to launch our two 12 Buckets basketball teams.  It was great to see the Balga Rockets and North Balga Rockets take to the courts.  Coached respectively by Cassie Bates and Kyle Lindbergh (Stirling Senators US Imports), the teams embraced this new venture full of energy and determination.

The North Balga Rockets fought hard all the way and finished with a tied game while the Balga Rockets found themselves hard pressed against the well-seasoned Hornets who won convincingly.

The big win was in the extremely impressive resilience and sportsmanship of the players along with the encouraging community engagement as parents, carers and mentors came to support the new teams.

Let it be known, this isn't just two new basketball teams - this is a fresh taste of hope, teamwork and productivity for a number of these sensational children.